Virginians for Safe Technology

is a grassroots not-for-profit organization.

Here's where your

money goes

when you make a donation:

Legal fees

We are doing our best to hold those in charge accountable.

This includes filing/serving appropropriate legal paperwork

and garnering professional legal guidance when necessary.

Website costs

We are doing our best to keep all costs down,

but there are ongoing charges such as website hosting and upkeep.

Education & Marketing Materials

We need to educate Virginia citizens and spread the word about the dangers of 5G in

our beautiful state as fast and as far as possible!

This includes printing materials, flyers, events, online communication and more!


EMF Meters to read radiation levels of towers in our communities

Materials from communities who have had success fighting 5G

In-person & Online Events

...and the List Goes On!

Help us keep fight for safe technology in Virginia.