Dominion Energy petitioned the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to be able to charge us for "opting-out" of the "smart" meter November 20, 2023; Read Virginians for Safe Technology's comments for SCC Case Number PUR-2023-00101 HERE

On February 20, 2024, Virginians for Safe Technology responded with a letter in lieu of comments to the Chief Hearing Examiner’s Report, January 17, 2024, Part 4 of 5, AMI Smart Meter Opt-Out Policy, SCC Docket Case No. PUR-2023-00101.

Read the letter HERE.

Please also consider submitting your personal stories of Opt-out or "smart" meter issues to Virginians for Safe Technology


➢ According to Dominion, the Opt-out meter option is a smart meter with the 2-way radio frequency (RF) communicating chip either disabled or removed, however we have been told by the SCC that it is still a smart meter and Dominion decides if this chip is activated or not.

➢ Consumers have no way of knowing if Opt-out meter two-way communicating antenna is actually disabled. It can be enabled by software push without the knowledge of homeowner.

➢ The opt-out meter still puts dirty electricity on the wiring throughout the home due to the switch mode power supply.

➢ The opt-out meter still collects detailed personal data on what goes on in the home.

➢The opt-out meter still does not have grounding or surge protections and poses a huge fire risk.

➢The opt-out meter still is not cyber secure and is easily hackable.

➢ DEV does not inform consumers that this device emits radiation or what options are available to medically opt-out. E.g. Dominion does not provide information that these meters could possibly interfere with pacemakers and other electronic medical implant devices or adversely impact certain disabilities. 

➢ There is a medical exemption but it is not advertised as part of the Opt-out form, and to our knowledge, they are not easily approved and the process is very onerous and intrusive. We are unaware of any being approved.

➢ Businesses and farm structures are unable to Opt-out and those in high density living situations are exposed to RF regardless.

➢  DEV's Opt-out program and procedures are confusing. Consumers are not given clear and concise terms of Opt-out program or what their options are and what the opt-out meter does, and there is ample evidence consumers aren't getting uniform answers from DEV. E.g. consumers told they can't opt-out, given varying responses regarding their Opt-out options and the meter capabilities, and receiving a smart meter on their homes even though they opted out.

Do you have a "smart" meter on your home and don't want to sign the opt-out form?         Is a "smart" meter on your business or barn and you can't opt-out?

Watch our "Smart" Meter Solutions Forum from March 31, 2023

Download Mary Anne Tierney's Presentation PDF HERE.
Watch the remainder of Mary Bauer's Presentation HERE and download the corresponding PDF HERE.

Download this New on Smart Meter Fires & Potential Causes

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New York seeks to pass an analog opt-out bill - S.8765

Download a PDF of Electrical Engineer Bill Bathgate's presentation regarding "smart" meters and the need for an Analog opt-out by clicking the picture below:

Watch the Virginia SB 849 Vote in the Labor & Commerce Committee, January 30, 2023 (full video)

Read the testimony of Charles Frohman with the National Health Federation HERE.

Read the testimony of Mary Bauer with Virginians for Safe Technology HERE.

Video Timestamp 13:52: Watch Dominion Lawyer Bill Murray tell Senator Spruill that when Dominion shows up at a customer's home to install a 'smart' meter and the customer states they don't want one, Dominion will just "drive away and regroup at that point."
Mr. Murray lied to a Senator's face; nothing could be further from the truth. Below is a more accurate depiction of what happens when customers express they don't want a 'smart' meter on their home:
Let's see those two videos side-by-side next to each other:


How each Senator voted on this pro-consumer bill and the amount of money they received from Dominion Energy (see below):

Download and share our utility meter info PDFs by clicking each picture below:

"Smart" Meter Claims vs. Truth PDF 

*Updated January 27, 2023

Utility Meter Consumer Graph PDF

Tell your legislator your want them to support a bill for a REAL utility meter opt-out:

SB 849 Substitute Bill One Pager (click image)
SB 849 Substitute Bill "At a Glance" (click image)

Here is a video of a Virginia customer's "non-communicating" opt-out meter still showing spikes of radio frequency radiation (RFR) - meaning it seems to be communicating.

Virginians need a non-wireless option other than a "smart" meter or less "smart" meter, such as  electromechanical analog and Ethernet connection meters.

Please email your state legislators and file a complaint with the State Corporation Commission HERE

By Phone: 1 (800) 552-7945 for concerns about disconnection of a utility service 

By Mail: Division of Public Utility Regulation
State Corporation Commission
P.O. Box 1197
Richmond, VA 23218 

Above is great visual depiction of what exposure to a "smart" meter can do.

All the points below are true for both "smart" meters and the "non-communicating opt-out" meters:

  • These meters do not benefit the consumer in any way and consumers are being misinformed on their capabilities and benefits - there is zero informed consent
  • A safe opt-out option is not available to Virginians
  • They are fire hazards - these meters are not UL certified and have insufficient surge protection and no ground
  • They are not FCC compliant when in operation due to dirty electricity, or fully tested to prove they are safe
  • They don't save money and are not cost effective, in fact consumer's bill will most likely go up because of the dirty electricity put on the line. It is impossible to lower your bill once you have one of these meters on your home. 
  • They are not cyber secure. It's been proven that these meters can be easily hacked with the right antenna
  • They have a short lifespan and have to be replaced at least every five to seven years
  • Per the FCC, they can consume up to 1W per household to complete their RF Mesh operations which means companies are environmentally responsible for the toxic RF pollution.
  • They operate in the only radio frequency range that ICNRP, the FCC, AND IEEE recognize as negatively neurologically stimulating in humans
  • They cause dirty electricity on the power lines throughout the house 
  • They should have a dirty electricity filter in them which no one has required the companies to install
  • They're installed hot and most are installed by non-licensed and under skilled electricians 
  • They can interfere with electrical implants in the body and cause injury or death
  • These additional points are true for only the two-way communicating "smart" meter
  • They allow our power to be controlled from a central location
  • We have no control over how third parties get our data collected from these meters, what they do with the data, and how they store it because there are no rules governing data collection from these meters

View our call on "smart" meters and the lack of informed consent from November 30, 2022 with Freedom Hub HERE.

See our November 17th joint press release with Children's Health Defense Virginia Chapter and the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance regarding Dominion customer power cut offs and forced smart meter installation HERE

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Augusta Free Press article covering this story 

Augusta Free Press follow up article with Dominion's Response

Our rebuttal to Dominion's assertions, November 21, 2022

Do you have a "smart" meter?

 Learn the truth about 'smart' meters in our fact sheet HERE

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This is the type of "smart" meter offered in Virginia. The opt-out meters look exactly the same, but say "opt-out" on them.

Want to know more about what smart meters are, how they work, and why consumers are pushing back?

Watch our August 5, 2022 Community Forum HERE

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Click the image of the document below to download a smart meter opt-out

letter created by our friends at the Center for Safer Wireless

Click HERE for's Sample Opt Out Letters

Check out Timothy Schoechle, PhD's intellegent alternative to "smart" meters HERE.