Who Are We?

Virginians for Safe Technology

Virginians for Safe Technology is a non-partisan grassroots organization to educate, inform, and advocate for Virginians on the 5G+ rollout and regulating the technologies we're all using and exposed to everyday.

Some things we cover are:

  • Legislation to protect our privacy and well being,
  • The harmful effects of exposure to radio-frequency microwave radiation,
  • What we can do to protect our health and our local environment,
  • What 5G+ means for our communities,
  • How we as citizens can get involved in the movement for safer technology,
  • Products that can actually work for EMF protection,
  • ...and more!

Our Mission

The Virginians for Safe Technology mission is to advocate for safe, accessible, affordable, and ethical technology for all. We provide information, education, resources, and support to empower consumers and lawmakers to make informed decisions and act as stewards of their communities as humanity embarks on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To learn more about our objections around 5G+,what we are asking of legislators, and to sign our petition, click below: