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Products on this page, we personally use and highly recommend due to rigorous testing and our own experiences with them.

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If you have a "smart" meter and do not want to sign the opt-out form or cannot have it removed from your business or farm structure, we recommend the Iron Maiden cover from DEFilters LLC. Here is the direct link to the iron maiden page. 
It is the only cover that absorbs the radio frequency radiation vs. "blocks" it. This is noteworthy because when RF is blocked, it is reflected back into the house. 

*Note: Current purchases will all have the hole on the side (to be faced down when installing) not on the front as pictured. Choose 'hole on side' option when selecting for cart. Please put "Virginians for Safe Technology" in the 'Referral Name' section at checkout.

This meter is calibrated and lab certified for accuracy, and is considered the gold standard for DIY home RF surveys. The Safe and Sound Pro II measures in the frequency range of 200 MHz to 8 GHz, true response detection range 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz (+/- 6dB).

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More tested & trustworthy products coming soon.