How to Protect Yourself

Hardwire your wireless electronics.

Download PDF of this image HERE.

*Another option is calling your internet provider and requesting your home be hard wired. There is normally a fee associated it, but hard wiring significantly reduces radiation within the home.

Start implementing these easy tips right away.

Download PDF of this image HERE.

Reduce the amount of radiation coming off of your cell phone.

More simple tips you can start doing right now.

  • Take off your wearable technology.
  • Stop using bluetooth devices.
  • Turn off the bluetooth in your car (or go to a shop and get it turned off for you).
  • Turn off LTE on your phone. Use the internet, hardwire it, or even leave it on airplane mode when possible.
  • Purchase a faraday case for your cell phone, router, and computer.
  • Do not put your laptop or wireless device on your body (on lap or in pocket or bra etc.). If you do, use a special EMF blocking laptop pad for your computer or case for your wireless device.
  • Leave your phone in another room, on airplane mode, or OFF altogether at night. Don't sleep with it on by your head/body.
  • Use speaker phone or wired headphones if talking on the phone - or do not hold your phone at all when possible.